Bobi Wine: Celebrating Black Excellence In Politics And Activism

by Duke Magazine

The African continent is characterized with a slew of old-aged leaders who often than not drown themselves in the gulping ocean of power without the laudable conscience of leaving the wheel of governance. However, this egocentric narrative has been pervasive in Africa society for a long time in which democratic rule is being operated incognito authoritarian government. Sadly, these old folks’ government has always been taunted with different aberrations, draconian, and even medieval policies that have impeded the development of the continent.

From time immemorial, young generations have been marginalized from steering the wheel of leadership of the country with the misdemeanor that they are too young to rule. Today, this myth-conception can be disregarded, as there is preponderance of younger generations that can sail the ship of governance to social and economic development.

Did you know? An average African president is a sexagenarian. Unfortunately, anytime there is a massive march by the youths towards the chant for a good governance, they are always branded as hoodlums or treasonous fellows.

With the recent political climate in Uganda that saw the incumbent President Yoweri Museveni returning as a six-term president of the East Africa country, the presidential poll is a litmus test for many elections to come in the continent, as the sleeping lion in African youths is awake to politically slug it out to win a seat on the corridors of power. 

It is undoubtably that the African man of the moment, representative of the youths is none other but the dreadnought Bobi Wine. He might not have won the just concluded controversial Uganda presidential election, but his doggedness, resolve, and goal to redefine the scope of lifestyle of his people is noble. 

Born in 1982, Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu, popularly called Bobi Wine, is a Uganda politician, activist, musician, and entrepreneur. He is currently a parliamentarian representing Kyadondo County East constituency in Wakiso District, in Central Region of Uganda. After about 15 years of musical career, Bobi Wine decided to have a foray into politics, corroborating his activism with the tool of music.

Since his delve into the political space, Bobi Wine has accrued huge fame culminating to him vying for Uganda presidency against President Museveni. He is hale and hearty albeit, but the 38-year-old activist can be described as a martyr of freedom; he was jailed, bruised, and even his family members were not spared. 

As a humanitarian, Bobi Wine thrown his support behind several practical projects to improve conditions for the poor. He has also campaigned for malaria prevention, with donations to Nakasongola Health Centre, and references to the disease in his songs.

In recognition of his artistic bravery and philanthropic recognition, Bobi Wine is a recipient of many awards and recognitions. Notable of them was his winning the 2019 Friedrich Neumann Africa Freedom Prize.

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