Charles Khiran: Celebrating Black Excellence In Leadership And Personal Development

by Duke Magazine

Charles Ajayi-Khiran is an inspirational leadership speaker, corporate trainer, and author. He is the President and Principal consultant of 3cjGlobal, a high impact skills and leadership development, live events & consulting company. Charles’ enthusiastic repute spans through his gifted oratory disposition and electrifying motivational talks in sparking up the right plug of dreams achievement and leadership attainment in people. As a luminary entrepreneur, he has ostentatiously paraded his innate prowess in insightful and innovative ideas to bring a successful change in the lives of many that have crossed his path of inspiration and motivation.

Working as an entrepreneur for about 3 decades, Charles is an enigma of success, whose deep wealth of experience and gift has availed him the kindness of initiating lucrative idea and getting a remarkable result. He do bring his high energy, depth of content, extensive and international people development experience for both traditional as well as Multi-level Marketing businesses to play.

Charles is a regular facilitator of international business conferences that always have the the high and mighty of the society with the captains of industry in attendance. His adept expertise in business has enabled him to have the Midas touch of establishing and sustaining several business ventures. He is overwhelmingly recognized as the authority in the scope of leadership development, superior human productivity, and true success.

As the principal consultant of 3cjGlobal, he and his team of high caliber international trainers has been able to deliver superior value to many organisations from top businesses, government institutions including local authorities through to churches for the past 15 years. The comprehensive learning initiatives combine research-based, content with processes that are specifically targeted to the critical business issues facing organizations.

This business coach veteran is a recipient of numerous awards and recognitions for his immense contribution to business growth and leadership development.

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