Woman Crush Wednesday (WCW): Emma Theofilus

by Duke Magazine

With the cliché “ the beautiful ones are not yet born”, very obsolete is the statement for the vibrant and ingenious disposition of the younger generation, most especially Black and bold Africans. The narrative is on point for the youngest African minister entering the crucible as Africa’s youth lead the way.

Emma Inamutila Theofilus is one of the Africa’s eaglets soaring high to assume an eagle position in the world of politics. Her ascent to a federal cabinet took her by surprise, but she is dutifully confident. At 23, Theofilus becomes a Namibian cabinet member sitting as the deputy minister of information, communication, and technology. The office she holds till date. She holds a law degree from the University of Namibia and is a board member of the National Council of Higher Education. In the light of her black girl power, Theofilus was in 2020 listed among the 100 most influential African women, with her being the youngest on the list.

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