Woman Crush Wednesday (WCW): Dambisa Moyo

by Duke Magazine

Dambisa Moyo is a Zambian economist and author, known for her macroeconomics analysis and public commentary. Born in 1969, she currently serves on the boards of Chevron Corporation, Condé Nast, and the 3M Company.

Moyo’s career has spanned different multinational companies, with stints in the World Bank and almost a decade of experience with Goldman Sachs. She has been researching, speaking, and writing about international macroeconomics since 2008. From 2015 to 2021, she served as Chief Executive Officer of Mildstorm LLC, a financial and economics firm.

Adept with global affairs, Moyo has traveled to over 80 countries, focusing on the interplay of international business and the global economy, as well as key investment opportunities. Also, as a researcher and academia, she is the author of four New York Times bestselling novels: Dead Aid: Why Aid Isn’t Working and What Africa Can Do Instead (2009), How the West Was Lost: Fifty Years of Economic Mismanagement – and the Difficult Choices Ahead (2011), China’s Race for Resources and What It Means for the World (2012), and the most recent Edge of Chaos: Why Democracy Is Failing to Deliver Economic Growth – and How to Fix It (2018).

Moyo holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from American University and an MBA from the same university. Having acquired an MPA from Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government, she went on to earn a doctorate in macroeconomics at Oxford University.

With a large number of board members to her wealth of experience, the 53-year-old economist is a recipient of several awards and recognitions. Some of them include the 2009 Time 100, 2013 Hayek Lifetime Achievement Award, and 2019 World’s Most Influential Thought Leader by Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute and WorldPost.

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