Man Crush Monday (MCM): Eddie Kadi

by Duke Magazine

Eddie Kadi is a Congolese-British actor and compere. His electrifying multi-talents have poised him to be at the frontline of reforming the world of comedy with his exhilarating disposition fashioned into laughter and reflection. As the right plug for culture emancipation with the aid of entertainment, Eddie Kadi has been able to use his innate argot to unify cultures and disintegrate social stereotypes through his infotainment to audience.

Delivering fresh, funny yet conscious and poignant insights throughout his work, and crafting articulated glimpses of reflected observations from the mirror of life that we all instantly recognize, relate, and react to in good humor, with a smile or belly laugh thrown in.

The tri-lingual comedian serves as a great connection point between Francophone Africa and Anglophone Africa, thereby maintaining strong relationship with notable athletes, musicians and personalities heralding from these two lingual parts of Africa. 

Imprinting a good success in the social space of entertainment, Eddie Kadi has recently become a strong force in entertainment as his warm, yet creative disposition continues to pull more admiration and preference for him. He was the host for the Africa’s biggest international festival, AFRONATION, in 2019, in Faro, Portugal, and also the host for BET International red carpet and 2019 BET Africa. 

In furtherance of his competing career, Eddie Kadi in 2019 hosted the annual Best Of Africa Awards (BOA) which highlights Professional footballers and their philanthropic work. Then in 2019, Kadi received the Education for Afrika Award (EFA) at the University of Denver for his outstanding leadership skills and efforts on promoting African Unity and excellence. 

The pitch of Eddie Kadi’s success was his selection as host of TEDxEuston, which he has been able to host seminar talks which introduce community change-makers to the global stage which included Amadeus Gallo Fall (President of NBA Africa), Madame Luisa Diogo (Prime Minister of Mozambique) and Zeinab Badawi. 

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