Mother’s Day: The Importance Of Woman In The Society

by Duke Magazine

Motherhood is still a divine calling reserved for women alone. The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world, according to William Ross Wallace in his poem, ‘What Rules the World?’. As a result of God’s grace, women have the unique opportunity and privilege to play a role in the creation of a new human being.

“A mother understands what a child does not say,” a well-known Jewish proverb states. Mothers and their children do have a dynamic. Mothers can hear the words of their children in the pauses between their words. As a mother, God has given you a special ability to discern what is best for your children, what they excel at, and how you can help them develop their talents in the future. This ability is called intuition, and it is a gift from God.

“Mother Made the Difference,” a book by T.D. Jakes, discusses the various roles mothers play in preparing their children to be productive members of society.

There is no substitute for a mother as a lifelong educator. Women, particularly mothers, are the most powerful educators in the world today. They leave us with a priceless legacy of timeless wisdom. In many cases, mothers have shaped our world from the cradle, rocking, nurturing, and instructing children to grow up and make life-changing and history-making achievements For every person, there is a mother who nurtured her child’s talents to their fullest extent.

Everyday life is a hands-on laboratory, and our mothers are some of our most effective teachers. In the end, it all comes down to the heart – the heart of a mother. The heart’s tenderness and toughness, as well as its compassion and conscientiousness, play a major role. When we are sad, lonely, or afraid, there is nothing more comforting than having our mother’s arm around us.

Our mothers instill in us a strong sense of self-worth and self-belief. To ensure that their children grew up healthy and strong, mothers had a clear understanding of how important it was for people to believe in themselves. When a parent affirms and enhances a child’s thinking, he or she instills confidence in the child. A person who has a healthy sense of self-confidence is more likely to succeed and celebrate their accomplishments. There is no limit to the greatness you can achieve or the great things you can accomplish because of your mother’s life lessons.


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How are we influencing our children’s minds through our words? Like a potter, do you use gentle pressure and light guidance to mold the soft clay of your children’s hearts with your words? How about being an artist who uses your words as tools of war because you’re too busy and stressed to be kind or patient?

In the end, do your children look like fine pottery that has been molded by your words with love and care, or do they look like a stone that has had parts of their hearts chipped away by negative, sharp, or angry words?

Keep our words to ourselves, and don’t cross the line. Keep in mind that the power of our words can bring us life or death, blessings or curses. Our words have the power to either make or break someone else’s life. You and I have the power to feed a dream’s embers or snuff it out. Our words have power, so let’s put them to good use.

An old Spanish saying goes like this: “An ounce of mother is worth a pound of the priest.” A mother’s prayers are a priceless gift, a true treasure, and a powerful force of love and faith. You are truly blessed if your mother prays for you.

Children who are rocked, nurtured, and instructed by their mothers go on to make significant contributions to society and history. Mothers foster their children to reach their full potential in many different fields. This is true for everyone from preachers and presidents to fashionistas and technicians.

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