Most Valuable And Strongest Nation Brands In Africa

by Duke Magazine

According to Brand Finance, the world’s leading independent brand valuation consultancy, that do name 100 most valuable nation brands in the world, gives an ordinal to how Africa countries are thriving in valuable brand.

It has been inferred that developing economies are pacing  30 times faster growth than developed ones. Average nation brand value growth among developing economies is at 13.9% compared to only 0.4% for developed economies, according to Brand Finance’s Nation Brand.

From study, there has been an unprecedented stagnation in the economies of countries in Europe, Asia, and Middle East, but a remarkable growth dawning on African countries. 

It is crystal clear that the novel coronavirus which has put humanity on a quarantine mode for some months, would have consequently thrown the global economies into cusps of economic downtown. Coming out of the pandemic hiatus, some countries are already slipping into recession, while some are battling to salvage the seemingly irreparable situation.

Here are the top five most valuable African nation brands in the world.

Nigeria ??

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The giants of Africa, Nigeria is the most valuable African nation brand in the world ranking 40th. Despite the many unpleasant stories, especially of corruption in the country, its brands still stand out on the continent. Recently, the Nigeria Stock Exchange (NSE) was listed among the best five (5) stock exchange in the world.

South Africa ??

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The Rainbow Nation placed second in Africa and 46th in the world with a very strong brand.

South Africa is a regional financial hub with well-developed equity, insurance and credit markets, all achieving a score of 100, according to the economic competitive report.

Egypt ??

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Two places after South Africa, Egypt ranked 3rd place in Africa and 49th in the world with the most valuable brand.

Algeria ??

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The fourth position in Africa goes to Algeria making it the 58th country in the world with the most valuable brand.

Morocco ??

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Morocco was ranked 64th in the world and 5th in Africa. 

The North African country has been listed as the most preferred destination for tourists in North Africa. 

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