Meet The 69-Year-Old Ethiopian Father Of 11 Who Just Got Enrolled In The University

by Duke Magazine

Tadesse Ghichile is becoming well-known in his home country of Ethiopia now that he is going to college at the age of 69. BBC says that the father of 11 stopped going to school after his parents died when he was in the eighth grade.


But he decided to go back to school on his own 10 years ago. And it paid off because he got the chance to go to Jimma University and get a medical degree. The school is said to be one of the largest universities in the country in the Horn of Africa.


Ghichile is a farmer, but he also works at a café in his village. But even though he had to work two jobs to support his family, the 69-year-old still found time to take the national college entrance exam. He died in the end.


Ghichile found it very hard to go back to school, especially after he started a family, BBC said. But when he signed up again, he made a promise to finish.


Ghichile also told the news outlet that he is hopeful about the future and that his college friends have been giving him a lot of help over the last few years.

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