Man Crush Monday (MCM): Kabirou Mbodje

by Duke Magazine

Kabirou Mbodje is a Senegalese entrepreneur with a focal discourse in technology. He is the founder and CEO of Wari, a creative digital platform at the heart of the ‘uberization’ of African economies and the continent’s financial inclusion. 

Born in Lyon, France, he started his entrepreneurial sojourn in the 1990’s in Senegal, and by 2003, Mbodje created NetPay (which later became CallMoney), a payment solution based on mobile subscription. Thriving successfully with the experience at CallMoney births Wari in 2008. Wari proffers adequate solutions to to all the daily and financial needs of customers, which include payments of all sorts; buying airtime, transferring pensions, scholarships or wages.

Today, Wari boasts of about 212 million user base with an annual flow of approximately $6 million, through 500,000 points of sale and 152 partnering banks in more than 60 countries.

The techpreneur holds a degree in Telecom Engineering from France and an MBA from the United States.

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