John Hopkins Medical Doctor Working At Same Hospital His Grandmother Cleaned About 70 Years Ago

by Duke Magazine

When Dr. Nelson Malone first came to Johns Hopkins Medicine as a student, he had no idea his grandmother Marion had worked as a janitor there. It was around 70 years ago at the time.

“She actually ventured off from distant Virginia when she was about 20 years old to come to Baltimore, to the big city, to do some job and found herself here at Hopkins helping out with some cleaning,” Dr. Malone told WJZ.

Malone, an emergency medicine physician, said his professional path became more worthwhile after he met his grandmother, who used to work at the same clinic. “You don’t see most of the people who come from places like mine very often,” Dr. Malone remarked.


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“We don’t think people are going to make it out of this.”

Dr. Malone also highlighted how some of his grandmother’s strong values motivated him to become a first-generation high school, college, and Harvard Medical Scho,ol graduate.

He also stated that seeing his grandma care for his sick grandfather when he was a child inspired his decision to pursue a profession in medicine. Dr. Malone remarked, “Seeing her be that care provider to him played a major part in my decision to go into medicine.”

Before she died in January, Marion got to see her grandson become a resident doctor at Johns Hopkins.

Dr. Malone told WJZ, “I’m beyond anything my nana, maybe most people in my family, would have thought.” “And so it was a great thing that mom got to see me finish medical school and start my career in her very last year here.”

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