This Techpreneur Launches The First Black-Owned Social Media App On Metaverse

by Duke Magazine

TruSo, a new audio-visual social networking software aimed at the Black community, was founded and is headed by Newman, who also serves as its CEO. The app is available in both 2D and metaverse, making him the first black person to have a social networking app in the metaverse.

“We don’t want the Black community to be left behind as the globe enters this new frontier,” said Newman, according to Black News. “What TruSo is doing is perfectly suited for the metaverse.”

Social media titans like Facebook and Microsoft have staked claims to the metaverse in recent years. The author Neal Stephenson is credited with coining the phrase “metaverse.” In his 1992 science fiction novel, “Snow Crash,” he first used the word.

Virtually lifelike avatars met in 3D structures and other virtual reality settings depicted in that book Virtual reality, augmented reality, and video is all parts of the metaverse, which allows users to “live” in a digital world.

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According to Black News, TruSo not only delivers a fun community experience but also allows its users to make money. Personal and professional objectives are supported by a content schedule that spans multiple areas, such as Arts & Culture, Business & Marketing, or more.

In addition, the app is poised to disrupt the social networking space in terms of technology. Apps like this one have built-in monetization for the user and integrated chat. It’s a social networking app.

Prominent musicians and actors such as Kareem Grimes, Terrell Owens, and Miki Barber have all shown support for the application. When it comes to cultural communities, Newman believes in the strength of a strong sense of belonging. In the context of the Black community, the world has seen what blacks can accomplish when unified behind a cause — we create a phenomenon.”

When Newman started the company, he said he did it because of the increasing bigotry and discrimination that Blacks encounter on social media platforms that they do not control.

Trust is “the barbershop, beauty salon, and brainchild of the black community,” he said. Social media has become a platform where racism and discrimination are being used to silence the voices of people of color. TruSo, on the other hand, “amplifies the voices of people of color.”

According to Black News, since its inception, the app has raised more than $30K from individual stockholders. Even if you only have $100 to spare, you can become an early-stage investor or shareholder in the company.

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