Black Excellence: A Success Story Of How Nasar El-Arabi Built A 7-Figure In Real Estate Business After Getting Sacked At 26

by Duke Magazine

Nasar El-Arabi was 19 years old when he decided that investing in real estate was the greatest way to generate money and pass it down to future generations. This came when he overheard his father and a friend describing how a neighbor was making seven figures by flipping houses.

According to Black News, Nasar and a friend put a total of $32,000 in an investment property with some money he had saved and lost $14,000.

Despite a rocky start in real estate, Nasar remained optimistic about the route he had chosen. He was confident that with time and additional education, he would get to the top. “I understood I needed to understand more about real estate before investing in it.” He explained, “I never learned about real estate; I just jumped in.”

Nasar has since overcome his initial obstacles and developed a seven-figure real estate company. And he’s not taking a break from rowing. He is teaching as many people as possible who are interested in learning the ins and outs of real estate investing. He teaches individuals how to develop generational wealth through real estate through his YouTube channel, books, and events. Nasar considers it his job to help the Black community find optimism and financial independence.

Nasar worked a regular job while pursuing his real estate dreams. However, it wasn’t until he was sacked from his job at the age of 26 that he decided to pursue a career in real estate. He was employed in a call center and was paid $10 per hour.

“Working in a call center was a nightmare. It seemed like I was carrying a refrigerator on my back when I went to work on Mondays. I didn’t care for it, and I knew it wasn’t my place. He stated, “I didn’t go to college for this.”

Nasar was influenced by the popular book ‘Rich Dad, Poor Dad,’ in addition to his passion for achievement. This book, he claims, opened his eyes to the breadth of opportunities available to him.

Nasar admits that becoming a successful real estate investor was not simple, but he believes that with optimism and determination, anyone can make the most of their side hustles.

“I strongly advise you to figure out where you want to go if you’re in a gloomy spot.” Figure out what you’re passionate about. If you don’t know, attempt to get a job in a field where you can make a decent living. He stated, “It’s better to be depressed with $10,000 in the bank than it is to be depressed living paycheck to paycheck.”

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