Black Excellence: Meet The Nigerian Who Went From Banking To Own A Conglomerate

by Duke Magazine

Genesis Group is chaired and led by Nnaeto Orazulike. Great people do not begin as great; this is the story of a business tycoon who left his job as a banker to found his empire out of dissatisfaction, displeasure, and a desire for more.

If you’re wondering what the Genesis group of companies is all about, they own one of your favorite premium cinemas, Genesis Cinema, as well as Genesis Foods Limited, Genesis Sojourner Limited, Genesis Restaurant Limited, Genesis Hub Limited, Genesis Technical Company Limited, Stanchions Logistics Limited, and Stanchions Nigeria Limited, a premium estate company in Port Harcourt.


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Nnaeto Orazulike began his career as a banker in Port Harcourt, but his entrepreneurial spirit and desire to build a better Nigeria prompted him to embark on his entrepreneurial journey. He went on a date with a female friend and, despite carefully selecting the best restaurant he could find at the time, he was completely dissatisfied with the restaurant’s service quality, which inspired him to open Genesis Restaurant in Enugu.

Over the years, the small company founded in Enugu by billionaire Nnaeto Orazulike has grown into a conglomerate and a significant contributor to the economy’s and society’s development by providing premium services. The Genesis group now employs more than 2,500 people throughout the country.

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