Tayo Adedeji-Phillips: Celebrating Black Excellence In Fashion

by Duke Magazine

Tayo Adedeji-Phillips is a Nigerian-born fashionpreneur. He is the founder and CEO of Tayo Phillips Couture and Taptag Power Solutions. Born in 1967, Adedeji-Phillips started his career with stints as a banker banker with the Bank of America, United States, a private airline in Nigeria, and an engineering firm. Leveraging on the awakened self-awareness, his foray into the fashion industry was born out of the tenacity to try something new of business, as he ardently believes looking good is a good business, hence, curated a venture to that regard in 2016. This is apparently in corroboration of his mantra “Sky is the beginning, not the limit to what we can do, and still poised to achieve in style.”

The 53-year-old fashion enthusiast also dubs as the founder of Non-profit organization that offers philanthropic service to underserved people and people living with disability. 

Tayo-Phillips holds a bachelor’s and MBA honors. Being a natural-born neo-centrist, he is rather conservative when it comes to ‘morality’.

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