Man Crush Monday (MCM): Orondaam Otto

by Duke Magazine

Orondaam Otto is a Nigerian social entrepreneur. He is the founder of Slum2School Africa, one of Africa’s leading volunteer-driven developmental organizations providing educational scholarships for out-of-school children and creating a solution to the deplorable state of education in the slums and underserved communities across Nigeria and Africa. 

Otto is enthusely committed to building Africa’s future by making good education accessible for children and youths across underserved communities, thereby, improving education and human capital development policies and promoting reform-based leadership to eliminate socio-economic inequalities and achieve sustainable, inclusive, and equitable economic growth. 

He has been a community organizer, development consultant and a social entrepreneur for over 15 years, working with thousands of young people across the private and public sectors. In the last 8 years, Otto has worked with over 10,100 volunteers across 35 countries to provide educational scholarships and dozens of development support to over 107,000 children from 47 communities across Nigeria. He has also built various early childhood development centers, adopted public schools, built e-libraries, health centers, technology and Innovation labs serving thousands of children. He is however notable for constructing the first virtual learning classroom in Africa.

Otto’s vision is to see that every child and youth, irrespective of their color, origin, gender and physical or mental ability is given an equal opportunity and the best chances of going to school, to enable them maximize their potential and contribute positively to the growth of the African continent.

He is a Mandela Washington Fellow. Otto holds bachelor’s degree in human anatomy from the University of Port Harcourt and executive master’s in project management from CUPE, UK. He also obtained a certificate in social change, innovation and social entrepreneurship from the United Nations-mandated University for Peace, in Costa Rica. 

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