Man Crush Monday (MCM): Nigerian Youths

by Duke Magazine

#EndSARS, the metaphor of the rot of  a nation. Little wonder do we understand that the lingering struggle for freedom in Nigeria is beyond the cause to #endpolicebrutality. It is an axial movement to bring the intricacies of bad governance unto not just public domain, but global discourse. The Nigerian youths are devouring the complacent silence of their parents to highly pitch their echo of freedom with the etymological trend of #sorosoke, meaning, speak louder. 

Nigerian youths are tired of being kept in the dark of policies that have been unfavorable to them as the sons and daughters of the soil. The narrative of the #blacklivesmatter resurgence in the United States is in apposite similitude to the value of living in Nigeria; where the wealth gap between the elites and the masses are widening, and poor ethno-religious inclusion and diversity has further sank the wide-spread development in the country.

The “giant of Africa” of over 206 million population, the bay of black gold, Africa’s biggest economic hub, and the home to the finest intellectuals in the world. Sadly, this most populous Black country has not been able to affordably fix basic infrastructures, most especially electricity supply for 60 years of independence from the British. Should we infer that Nigeria wasn’t ready for independence when she got it?

Nigerian youths have been deluded enough with the cliché “Nigeria will be better”, even while uncontrollably wailing to the gloomy future the country has to offer in the hands of bad leadership. Today’s politics in Nigeria is the best-bet venture to bid poverty a farewell and live the lives of the generation unborn in splendor. Did you know? Nigerian legislators are the highest paid lawmakers in the world with bogus salary and allowances.

However, it is sequel to this that the ever-conscious young Nigerians are on to the theatre (streets) with the employment of Caesarean Section (struggle) to birth a new Nigeria that has been conceived of worrisome state of the nation for a long time.

The break of sweat of everyone who has toiled to give strength to the chants for a better country in Nigeria will not go without cherished and adulated. To the foot soldiers of freedom (on site) to the finger comrades of freedom (online), and to the money bags of freedom (financier), you are all legendary. 

The cause is not to revolt, but to let those in the corridor of power assume the realization that the power of the people is greater than the people in power. 

Nigerian youths we hail thee!

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