Hallowed Olaoluwa: Nigerian Precocious Intellect That Bagged His Doctorate At Age 24

by Duke Magazine

At age 30, Olaoluwa Hallowed Oluwadara has achieved more than many scholars who are twice his age. He is a post-doctoral fellow at Harvard University in the US, and also lectures at Lagos University. 

Born in Bangui which is the capital city of the Central African Republic (CAR), Olaoluwa started primary education at the age of five years and quickly showed a real passion for arithmetic, geometry, computation and elementary sciences. 

These are not the usual interests of a primary school student, but recognizing his son’s capabilities, his father began to coach his son and this resulted in rapid progress through the classes. It was a pattern replicated throughout his school years and resulted in Olaoluwa sitting the French Baccalaureate (an exam to pass out of high school) when he was only 13, achieving the best results in mathematics, and obtaining this qualification when he was just 14. 

He then went on to study mathematics/physics at the University of Bangui. In his third university year, Olaoluwa chose to register separately for mathematics and physics and obtained, concurrently, two bachelor’s degrees in these disciplines. 

The youngest holder of a doctorate in Mathematics in Africa

He was granted the same permission to register separately and concurrently for master’s programs in Mathematics and Physics and obtained two master’s degrees, both with distinction, at the age of 19. Following these achievements, he went to Lagos, Nigeria in 2011 and enrolled for a PhD program in Mathematics at the University of Lagos at the age of 21.

At the age of 24, he was the youngest student to obtain a doctorate in mathematics on African soil. 

Hallowed currently is a research fellow of the Mathematical Analysis and Optimization Research Group. He looks forward to proffer solutions in quantum ergodicity and quantum chaos, and also how answers apply to wider concepts of differentiation, medical imaging and robotics, and interception. 

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