Duke Of The Month: Celebrating Black Excellence

by Duke Magazine

Being Black is a pride we must all carry on to showcase not just the structure of our success but the process of diligence, determination, discipline, and optimism in pulling through. As Black people, what doesn’t kill us will definitely keep us strong, because our undiluted resolve and adaptability is second to none.

As a reputable international magazine that lens through the narrative of the existence of Black people unto excellence, we are committed to crown the sons of the African soil with an honor of outstanding exploits in all walks of human endeavor.

Bobi Wine

Duke of the Month: Celebrating Black Excellence

Show me a man who is endearing to people, yet daring to effect a positive change and I will show you a dogmatic man who fears change. Bobi Wine has been able to harness his gifts and skills to birth a chant for freedom and change for not just his native country (Uganda), but for the Africa continent in entirety.

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