Diddy Constructs Huge Garden Monument In Memory Of Kim Porter — “She Was The One For Me!”

by Duke Magazine
Image credit: Brian ZAK/ Getty

It’s past one year since Kim Porter suddenly passed away, and Diddy has spent quality time having a wild reflection on their past relationship in his garden. The mother of his children was instrumental to his life that he had a massive statue built for her in her honor, he reveals. He always do speak to her shrine, as he made known.

 On his Instagram live session with rapper, Fat Joe, Diddy displays the dedication he had made for Kim before her abrupt demise. He says he had the garden built three years before her death after spiritual inspirational retreat. While showing casing the great shrine, Diddy warns viewers watching to cherish “the one” for them because he is still languishing in the water of regrets from how he treated Kim when she was alive. 

Diddy said: 

“This is a special announcement PSA to all the playas. Playboys, you know. When you find that one, don’t be playing around with it. It’s rare, somebody that is going to understand you and be there for you unconditionally. Sometimes you can be in the game getting hot and want to experience everything. As a man, I feel I f*cked up on that.

I feel like she was the one for me. I played around thinking that I’m running things, God is running things.”

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