Adedamola Aminu: Celebrating Black Excellence In Politics And Consulting

by Duke Magazine

Adedamola Aminu is a Nigerian UK-based politician and educational consultant. As a shining Nigerian export with sterling leadership qualities, Aminu was elected Councillor in 2006 under the Labour Party to represent Tulse Hill Ward, Brixton, Lambeth. Also in 2013, he emerged as Deputy Mayor, from where he served as the Mayor of London Borough of Lambeth between 2014 and 2015. He is the former chairman of the Association of Nigerian-British Councillors in the United Kingdom and the president, Association of Nigerian Academics UK (ANAUK).

In corroboration of his political outlook and stance, Aminu authored the book, Nigerian Politicians in United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland-A book of profiles. The book highlights the role of members of parliament, mayors and councillors and also achievements of first and second generation Nigerians in the UK.

A lecturer by profession, Aminu has shown lofty commitment to educational initiatives over the course of his career. This has been a reel of his educational consulting firm, AA Management Training and Consultancy LTD. His commitment goes beyond supporting just Lambeth Borough, as he also sits on three school governing bodies where he has helped to encourage parents and individuals to join such bodies as a measure to empower them with governance skills while also having a direct impact to their children’s educational needs on a local level. As a keen educational enthusiast, Aminu is a great believer of community integration and has provided many hours into providing advice to Black Asian minority communities. He has provided out of office assistance to immigration case studies and provided networks to local businesses who are struggling to lift off within the community.  

The distinguished politician is a recipient of several prestigious awards, including the Nigerian High Commissioner Award for meritorious services to Nigerian Community in the United Kingdom (2014).

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