Power Couple: Ciara And Russell Wilson Release New Book ‘Why Not You?’ To Empower Kids

by Duke Magazine

Ciara and Russell Wilson are ideal representations of what it takes to build a household empire. The power couple has been successful in a variety of businesses, including their fragrance brand, R&C. The Fragrance Duo is launching a clothing line called The House of LR&C.

Building on their shared serial entrepreneurship, the two make it a point to give back to the community through their Why Not You Foundation, a non-profit that works to combat poverty, promote access to education, and empower kids. Ciara and Russell previously gave over $35,000 to Seattle children and committed $1.75 million in funds to rebrand a Seattle charter school.


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According to NBC, the Wilsons have released their new children’s book, “Why Not You?” – a title related to their foundation — to pour more love into families.

Representation Matters

The book is based on the couple’s upbringing, which taught them to have a positive attitude on life. They now want youngsters throughout the world to experience the same joy.

“We’ve been excited to do this for so many reasons,” Russell said in an interview with NBC. ‘Why not you?’ our parents used to remark. My father used to ask me this question all the time as a motivating force… That, I believe, is the conscious, as well as [the] subconscious question that we must all ask ourselves, regardless of our age.”


Ciara sees the inclusion of a varied variety of hues and hair textures in the book’s pictures as “very vital.”

“Our goal is for every child to have a ‘Why Not You?’ mentality, and we want every child to see themselves in this book,” she explained. “You can see a little Russ and a small Ci on the front [of the book].” And our children can recognize themselves in this book. Every child should be able to dream large, and the sky is the limit if you have a ‘Why Not You?’ mindset.”

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