Susu, An Ivorian Startup Raises €2 Million To Accelerate Affordable Healthcare In Africa

by Duke Magazine

Susu was founded by Bola Bardet in 2019 after her father died as a result of consequences from a chronic health issue that was poorly managed. Bola was moved by her father’s situation to assist others to avoid the same destiny. Bola has established the company with her co-founders Laurent Leconte (Chief Technology Officer) and Sandrine Egron (Chief Operations Officer) to assist thousands of Africans.

Africa’s healthcare business is currently beset by a slew of issues. A rising population, longer lifespans, and urbanization have all contributed to a dramatic increase in chronic illness mortality, such as diabetes and hypertension. Furthermore, the majority of people lack access to high-quality healthcare and are in desperate need of solutions to manage their medical needs.

According to studies, medical insurance penetration in Africa is less than 3%, leaving 97 percent of the population to pay for medical bills out of pocket. Susu plans to address this issue by assisting beneficiaries with their healthcare journeys through care bundles, as well as utilizing an integrated approach to better link patients, their families, and healthcare providers.


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The firm, which is now active in Côte d’Ivoire, Cameroon, and Senegal, offers bundled health services that give patients with long-term health assistance to assure appropriate monitoring of their health problems, such as pregnancy, child care, and chronic disease management.

“I suffered the sad loss of my father owing to the neglect of his medical condition,” Bola Bardet, Susu’s Founder and CEO, stated of the company’s inspiration. I knew the scenario might have been avoided if he had had access to comprehensive healthcare, which is why I founded Susu: to give others access to high-quality, low-cost healthcare. We should not be pessimistic about Africa’s access to high-quality healthcare. Technology will play a huge role in offering solutions to the issues faced by healthcare systems across the continent over the coming decade, just as it is improving financial inclusion with mobile payment solutions.”

“Our service is in high demand, so we’re eager to expand swiftly to new nations.” In 2021, we saw a 400 percent increase in revenue and a fivefold increase in customer base. Furthermore, we are seeing an increase in the number of family members and friends, particularly from the diaspora, who want to contribute financially to a beneficiary’s care, so we have built technology that allows many family members and friends to co-finance the service,” Bola noted.

Susu plans to use its new money to expand the company’s personnel and add new capabilities to its technological platform. The business also plans to roll out the service in six more Sub-Saharan African nations, including Nigeria and Ghana. It’s also working on new care bundles, including a maternity care bundle, to help pregnant mothers and their babies live longer.

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