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Certain peculiarities make some communities different from others. Some communities have a record of multiple births, especially twins or triplets, which in the past years, was regarded as taboo. 

Igbo Ora town is located in Oyo state (Nigerian), the land where all sorts of vegetation grow freely due to the plenty of moisture in the air and a lot of sunshine. 

The town is called “The Twin capital of the world” and has become a source of interest, which possibly explains the sculpture of a mother carrying a baby on her chest with another strapped on her back, conspicuously erected in a junction at the entrance of the town. 

Because more twins are born in Igbo-Ora than anywhere else in the world, walking through the town might make you feel like you are seeing double. 

Their birth is a good omen. “Twins are treated with affection, love and respect. But while many African cultures see twins as blessing, they often believe twins also have divine powers and the ability to harm those who cause them displeasure. In pre-colonial times, some communities used to kill twins and occasionally their mothers, believing a double birth was an evil portent and that the mother must have been with two men to bear two children at once. 

The facts available clearly reveal that there is hardly a family in Igboora that has no set of twins. The reproduction of twins in the town has become interesting to the extent that people from different parts of the country who are not privileged to have twins or children may have clamored that they would prefer to visit and stay in the enclave to enable them to conceive and have twin babies. 

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