Councillor Williams Odulate: Celebrating The Black Excellence Of The First African Councillor In The United Kingdom

by Duke Magazine

Councillor Williams A. Odulate is a Nigerian-born politician and pharmacist in the UK. He is the first African to be elected as a Councillor in the UK, the feat he achieved in 1978 under the Conservative Party. 

Odulate started his career pursuit as a physiotherapist while studying at Igbobi School of Physiotherapy in Lagos. But his career had a refraction following an upwelled inspiration in him from his uncle who encouraged him to study pharmacy. Odulate is a nephew to the founder of the popular Nigerian patent medicine, Alabukun, Jacob Sogboyega Odulate.

With a change in career path, Odulate graduated as a qualified pharmacist in 1973 from the School of Pharmacy in the UK. He later became the first Nigerian proprietary pharmacist in the UK. 

As a man dignified and loved by people in his borough, he emerged as the first African to win a council seat in the UK. His stunning achievement came from being the only Black man in an all-white-borough. In his office as a Councillor, Odulate initiated several ideas to the service and development of his borough. Popularly called “Black Councillor”, he played pivotal roles in the provision of transport facilities, road construction, and many more to serve his borough while in office.

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