Success Story Of A South African From Working In A Shack To ‘Accidentally’ Becoming A Top Jeweler

by Duke Magazine

Historically, it has been difficult for South Africans of African descent to rise to the top of the mining business. In the meantime, one Black jewelry designer, Nqobile Nkosi, has risen to the status of a role model.

To become one of South Africa’s leading jewelers, Nkosi has developed his talents and capacity over the years. And the trailblazer isn’t just hoarding this knowledge for himself; he’s using it to affect the lives of others.

In the beginning, it all started when his application was rejected because of a lack of financing for electrical engineering at the university where he applied. In the end, he opted to try his hand at jewelry manufacture because of the available cash, as reported by Independent Online (IOL).

Aside from being fascinated by his newfound home, he went on to study further in Britain, where he was able to refine his skills to the highest level. When he returned to South Africa, he co-founded NQ Jewellery with his brother in a shanty, launching it in 2007.

By working with small- and medium-sized businesses (SMMEs), NQ Jewellery ensures that they are in conformity with the South African Jewellery Council and may obtain a license, he said to IOL.

He was given the Jet Community Awards Vuka Uzenzele just a year after he founded NQ, and that helped to further his career.

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To improve his knowledge of diamonds, he attended the Gemological Institute of America in 2013 to take courses in diamond basics. In the previous year, he had been asked to exhibit his jewelry at the Birmingham Spring Fair International.

What I learned from Diamond Essentials was that diamonds have worth and that you can tell a good one from a bad one.” As Nkosi put it, it’s an “overall” look at the gems. To help him with this, the Refinery asked him to locate his brand in the Jewellery Village.

Nkosi worked in the Jewellery Village, where he made jewelry and mentored aspiring jewelers. Students in South Africa are also taught about real-world job environments through collaboration with colleges.

Additionally, NQ Jewellery serves as an internship site for students who just graduated from college or university. Because the university and the actual world aren’t the same, students need to learn new skills to compete. “They need to improve their talents and learn how to develop things,” the jewelry manufacturer stated.

As a result of Nkosi’s efforts, others now have the opportunity to achieve their goals in life.

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