Rashaad Lambert Appointed As Forbes’ Director Of Culture & Community To Bring In More Diversity

by Duke Magazine

As the social reckoning and demand for more diversity in media continue, companies are prioritizing partnership in a way that uplifts and champions the success of those often overlooked.

Media publication, Forbes is on a mission to bring more diversity for prominent Black and brown entrepreneurs, hence, they have enlisted the help of Rashaad Lambert, founder of For(bes) The Culture. 

In an announcement from Chief Content Officer of Forbes, Randall Lane, the outlet has named Lambert Director of Culture and Community to help position Forbes as the leading community for young Black and brown entrepreneurs.

Lambert is prominent for his work with For(bes) The Culture, and now the outlet is looking for him to establish that same success at the forefront of their community by creating a dedicated For(bes) The Culture channel.

“Since our inception, we have used our voice to spotlight the leaders who are driving meaningful change across industries and in society and we are committed to using our platforms to create true equity,” Lane said, according to Forbes. “Rashaad created an impressive community in For(bes) The Culture and shares our vision of using our platform for good, driving conversations around core issues like systemic racism and anti-justice that directly affect underrepresented communities.”

For(bes) The Culture, a growing community of diverse leaders, was founded to create a space for Black and brown businessmen and women to connect and network together.

To further align the organization’s mission of amplifying Black and brown voices with Forbes, Lambert will be working closely with the Forbes’ editorial team and coordinating with Sade Muhammad, Director of Representation & Inclusion practice at Forbes, and Chief Revenue Officer, Jessica Sibley to produce a similar vision of change for Forbes.

“I love it when corporations put action behind words and I’m excited to officially join forces with Forbes, adding fuel to the fire I lit with For(bes) The Culture,” Lambert said to Forbes. “I’m equally as excited to be creating a new position within the company dedicated to creating space for Black and Brown professions who are most-often boxed out of the proverbial ‘American Dream.’ Through our work, we’re hoping to light a torch that can be passed from one generation to the next to ensure a better tomorrow.”

For(bes) The Culture was founded in 2017 alongside Vinasia Miles and a group of attendees at the 2017 Under 30 Summit. The organization has since acquired thousands of members across the country to join their community of leaders.

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