Presidential Election: Kanye West Missed The Wisconsin Ballot Registration Deadline By Just 14 Seconds Late

by Duke Magazine

Kanye West’s stance to vie for US presidency later this year 2020 has made his chance to win slim, and still, his chances just keep getting slimmer.

Kanye has been trying hard to get his name on the ballot in various states and received a ton of push back in the meantime. Many states are saying the signatures he needs to get on ballots are ineligible, while others are saying he is trying to steal the black vote from Joe Biden. Kanye has repeatedly expressed that no one can pay him to steal the vote because he “has more money than Trump,” though he doesn’t explicitly say if he’s working with the President. The rapper elaborated on his view of the campaign on Nick Cannon’s Class podcast, where he says he’s, “walking” for president.

One of the major swing states is Wisconsin, and they just delivered a blow to West’s campaign. According to reports from TMZ, Kanye submitted his documents just 14 seconds late to get on their ballot. 

A circuit court magistrate ruled this week that Kanye was, in fact, too late by submitting his nomination docs last month to get his name on the ballot come November … even though his team got it in 14 seconds after 5 o’clock, which they felt was still inside the window.

Not the case, so says Judge John Zakowski. Hizzoner writes, “The court believes at the time a grandfather clock rings out five times is the moment it is 5 p.m. Any time after that is precisely that: after 5 p.m.” Oof, tough crowd. But wait, there’s more to his rationale.
Judge Zakowski goes on to explain … “The court used the analogy of midnight.

There is significant difference between 11:59:59 p.m. and one second after midnight. The passage of a second after midnight confers an entirely new day.” Hmmm, we suppose he has a point.

However, there is still a glimpse of hope if Kanye appeals this with the Wisconsin Supreme Court, but as election day is drawing more closer than expected. 

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