Matty J. Ade: Celebrating Black Excellence In Branding And Marketing

by Duke Magazine

Black excellence is a phenomenal in global discourse. From breaking stereotypes to imprinting indelible success to their names, Black people are incredibly witty. One of those personas hoisting Black glory is Matty J. Ade, popularly known as CEO Matty J. A serial entrepreneur, he is the founder and CEO of Digital Brandz Consulting, CEO Millionaires, and Express Smiles Atlanta. CEO Matty J is the number one car rental brand owner and digital real estate investor in the United States. He designs, consults, buys, sells, fixes, and flips online businesses. As a young business mentor and coach, a business architect, marketer, and manager, Matty J is one in all of a brand genius to be adulated. Notable for conspicuously recreate assets from liabilities, the brand architect has helped entrepreneurs to build brands, solve problems, and curate movements.

With over a decade of turning about 300 businesses golden, the clubhouse influencer is a certified branding and marketing coach.

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