Gary Charles, Tracy McGrady & Others Push For Black People’s Unity In Sports

by Duke Magazine

Racial segregation in sports has a long history of narrowing inclusion and diversity with racist tactics used to oppress Black people who strive to dismantle the crooked systems built to discourage our efforts in speaking out.

Brave Colin Kaepernick’s peaceful protests and Milwaukee Buck’s recent strike have depicted that sports and reality do not exist in separate worlds, and players are looking for the support they need to exercise their legal rights as Black Americans.

In an effort to create safe spaces for Black individuals in sports, a newly-established non-profit organization, Advancement of Blacks in Sports Inc., has been founded to advocate for racial, social, and economic justice for Black people in sports.

Founder Gary Charles has leveraged his relationships with high-profile figures such as civil rights attorney Ben Crump, former NBA player Tracy McGrady, Chuck D. of Public Enemy, and many more to rally behind the launch of this organization.

Since the tragic death of George Floyd, Charles has set out to partner with these notable celebrities in sports, music, law, and business to encourage the “normalization of equal rights and fair treatment of Black people.”

“ABIS seeks equal rights and fair treatment of Black people by examining current institutional policies and practices in an effort to promote racial, social, and economic justice,” the website states. 

Some key factors to their plan of action include economic sustainability, education, grassroots & community outreach, racial equity research, student-athletes, and voting and civic engagement.

The nonprofit currently integrates across all, but not limited to, sports like basketball, track and field, baseball, and football, with plans to expand further as well.

Charles says ABIS is now focusing its efforts on the development and holistic growth of the intercollegiate athlete and the recent federal and state legislation from the NCAA that impacts academic and athletic experiences for student-athletes.

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