Fred Swaniker: Celebrating Black Excellence In Personal Development And Leadership

by Duke Magazine

Often times, our becoming in life is always a function of the choices we make. Irrespective of the race, language, ethnicity, skin color, and ideals, what really matters is self-conviction and acceptance for who we are. 

However, Black people in most scenarios do create a new norm of endeavor for themselves to stand tall amidst their contemporaries in the conventional world.

Behold here is Fred Swaniker, a Ghanaian entrepreneur and leadership development expert. He is the pioneer of four organizations that aim to develop leaders, primarily in Africa. One of them is being the chairman and founder of the African Leadership Academy, an institution located outside in South Africa. This academy is geared a developing 6,000 transformative leaders for Africa over a 50-year period. 

Born in 1976, Swaniker wrote the business plan for African Leadership Academy while in Stanford, a special pan-African school that would groom the future leaders of Africa. He opined that good leadership is the major lacking factor in Africa development, and in a bid to remedy the ills of leadership in the continent, the initiative of African Leadership Academy birthed forth.

He is also the founder of African Leadership Network, and African Leadership University which is opening multiple universities across Africa with the aim of grooming 3 million leaders by 2060.

With Swaniker’s mission and vision appositely in shape to produce promising leaders in the continent, he is well recognized across the world individuals and organizations.

He holds a MBA with distinction from Stanford Graduate School of Business in California.

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