Duke Of The Month: Celebrating Black Excellence

by Duke Magazine

Africa is not only rich in the diversity of culture and resources, Black people across the globe are emblems of distinguishing excellence in the purview they find themselves. Their meteoric rise to greatness, their stellar success, their indomitable poise of diligence, their dogged temerity of standing out, and their sage way of churning out bright ideas are just few of the many flags of excellence being raised by Black people.

However, success is worth celebrating when lives have been positively impacted with a stance of proper standards in imbibing life-enhancing culture in persons. Across all premise of human endeavor, the contributions of Black people are well pronounced and profound to behold; from corporate world to entertainment and from humanitarian services to social scope.

To this end, Duke International Magazine is celebrating two notable men of wit and class for their immense contributions to the growth and development of Africa. They have already laid an indelible legacy for the Z generations and the generations to come to build on.

Kumi Naidoo

Celebrating Black Excellence

A South African social activist with myriads of achievements to his coat. He is a subject of thick and thin circumstances for the purpose of making the world, especially Africa a safe haven for all. 

Celebrating Black Excellence

He has been tortured and bruised in the line of his calling for a world of utopia, yet, he has been remarkably resolute to achieve a nearly perfect world.

Celebrating Black Excellence

Tony Elumelu

Celebrating Black Excellence

A season Pan-Africapitalist, Tony Elumelu has through many years refurbish the face of entrepreneurial narrative in Africa. 

Celebrating Black Excellence

The Nigerian business economist is the founder of Tony Elumelu Foundation, an initiative geared at grooming futuristic business savvies in the continent. 

Celebrating Black Excellence

As a serial entrepreneur, Elumelu is one of the highly revered personalities in Africa and in world generally.

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