A Look Into How This Nigerian Reportedly Quit His Job At Rolls Royce To Become Care Home Recruiter

by Duke Magazine

Benjamin Kuti studied engineering in the United Kingdom and then worked as a computational engineer at Rolls Royce in Derby. But he wasn’t making enough money to pay his debts.

He opted to work as a cleaner in a nursing home as a side venture to supplement his income and send money to his family in Nigeria. According to Premium Times Nigeria, Kuti would not normally take a job as a cleaner because it is a menial job and he is well educated.

Kuti set past his pride, and after a few weeks on the job, he found himself recommending others for a similar position at the care home where he was working. Kuti recognized a chance to become a business owner in the care industry over time.

They were continuously on the lookout for new employees because they were often short of personnel. “I convinced myself that there are a lot of individuals wanting to work in London,” he told Premium Times Nigeria.

Kuti approached the care home’s administration and suggested several persons he knew for training and recruiting. As time passed, the care facility began to rely on him for staff.


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“I talked to management; I talked to Sally, who told me that if I had staff, I should bring them down.” “She was going to train them, and they needed personnel,” Kuti explained. “I brought people down; the first week, they only hired one worker.” Sally inquired if she could get another guy like him because he was so good. “I found two additional persons for them,” he explained.

He co-founded Genuine Care, where he recruits personnel for care homes, after proposing certain people to the care facility. Kuti now earns around 18,000 pounds ($23,000) every week, according to Premium Times. He has left his job at Rolls Royce to pursue his side venture full-time. He has also hired and given opportunities to several Nigerians living in the United Kingdom.

“I think what made me the happiest was that I was providing them possibilities; people were happy, individuals who hadn’t worked in a long time.” “And the majority of the individuals I recruit are Nigerians because we know we have to help ourselves,” he stated.

Kuti described his role at Genuine Care. “I am referred to care facilities in need of workers, and in exchange, I assist in recruiting persons who are ready to work.” I hire a lot of Nigerians because I know how tough it is to settle in when you first arrive, and I am where I am now because someone helped me as well.”

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