A Detroit High School Senior Orphan Rakes In Millions Dollar Worth Scholarship

by Duke Magazine

Ridgeley Hudson Jr. recently graduated from King High School, Detroit with multiple scholarships totaling to over $2 million from institutions across the United States. 

“I never thought that I’d be here at this moment with scholarships to the tune of $2.3 million,” Hudson told Local 4 Detroit. “Normally you hear of student athletes getting those scholarships.”

The 17-year-old high school graduate received academic scholarship dollars from 46 schools across the United States.

“Michigan State, Alabama A&M, FAMU, DePaul University,” he said. “Wayne State, University of Arkansas Pine Bluff, Morehouse, Georgia State, Hampton University.”

“He was motivated, and when he wasn’t motivated, we motivated him,” Denise Barnes, Hudson’s high school counselor told the news station.

Hudson says his parents weren’t able to see him receive his high school diploma. They both passed away by the time he was 14 due to health issues. Hudson’s counselor and principal became second mothers to him, and while many may be surprised by his incredible achievement, King High School Principal Deborah Jenkins seems not to be caught with surprise as regards his impressive feat. 

“If I wanted to talk to anyone in this city, I could ask Ridgeley for their telephone number,” Jenkins said, according to Local 4 Detroit. “Ridgeley is that type of person. At 17, he probably has more connections than I have in my full life.”

Hudson has decided to attend Michigan State in the fall, who offered him a full-ride academic scholarship. He’ll be majoring in secondary education.

“With the things that are going on currently, I didn’t want to choose an HBCU because I wanted to be a change in a different community,” Hudson said.

While his parents won’t be able to see him graduate from college, Hudson feels fulfilled for making them proud.

“I felt my dad tap me on my shoulder and say well done,” he said. “I think they would both feel very proud and I can feel their energy as I matriculate and go forth.”

A big congratulations to Ridgeley Hudson Jr! You are indeed a great inspiration to many.

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