Woman Crush Wednesday (WCW): Sarah Diouf

by Duke Magazine

Senegalese fashion designer Sarah Diouf is highly regarded in the continent’s fashion community for her diverse range of skills. “Playful and unusual gear” by Diouf gives an ideal Tongoro woman, who is defined as an adventurous woman who enjoys traveling, has an active social life, is open-minded, and is ultimately frightened of nothing!

Celebrities like Beyonce fell in love with the brand’s messages and clothing as it gained in popularity. Celebrities such as Naomi Campbell and Alicia Keys, who previously wore Tongoro face jewels, became aware of the brand in the following years. Sarah Diouf’s ‘Africa Day 2020 Anniversary Collection’ features garments named after Senegalese cities and African neighborhoods, all in homage to her native country.

Colors and prints influenced by symbolism and African aesthetics are used throughout her creations. Her fabrics come from Dakar’s local marketplaces, and she has paved the way for Tongoro’s success by prioritizing the global perception of “Made in Africa.” Sarah Diouf’s admirers should be aware of how she pushes her craftsmen to get the respect they deserve.

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She’s had great success in the fashion world as a creative individual, and she says she’s very involved in everything that goes on behind the scenes, including social media, hairstyling, makeup, and creative direction.

To succeed, “you have to do everything; I believe multitasking is the key.”

Many people have been inspired by the Tongoro brand because of the attention to detail in their magnificent designs and fabrics, as well as the innovative use of lengthy materials on the arms and legs. By purchasing one, you become a Tongoro lady who is connected to Senegalese culture in a way that is unique to your own identity.

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