The Success Journey Of How This Techprenuer Moved From A Cyber Café Business In Benin To ‘African Steve Jobs’

by Duke Magazine

Ulrich Sossou is a West African IT entrepreneur from Benin. He’s a co-founder of at least three successful tech companies that have generated millions of dollars in revenue for his clientele.

Because he didn’t have a laptop, Sossou began his digital career in 2005 at a little internet café in his area. According to Techpoint Africa, he had just received his high school certificate and was headed to the café to look for a university in Europe or North America.

However, he quickly became fascinated by the stuff he saw online and hoped to return to further study the web, but he lacked the financial means to do so.

He began seeking ways to make money online to keep his interest in browsing the internet for further chances. To get money, he originally worked as a copywriter, transcribing information from English to French. He started his first internet business from the café. His profile claims that he assisted the café’s owner in repairing their computers so that he could use them for free.

He became a software developer after learning computer programming. Sassou developed Bootstrap Tour, which he claims is the most popular open-source project from an African developer, and even authored a technical book while working remotely with firms all over the world.

“Then one day, I came up with a concept, built the software, and sold it to the firm where I was working.” Within six months, they had made several million dollars from that software alone. It was exciting to see something I created to take off and be useful so rapidly, but I wasn’t capturing nearly enough of the value,” he told Techpoint Africa.

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He stopped consulting for firms all over the world in 2013 and started some SaaS products, but it didn’t go as well as he had hoped, so he started over. In 2016, he achieved success when he sold FlyerCo to an American company after growing it to over 10,000 users. FlyerCo, which was co-founded in 2014, grew to six figures in sales in its first year.

“I co-founded TEKXL, a startup studio, in Cotonou and joined EtriLabs ( to help expand the Francophone Africa digital ecosystem,” Sossou, who is now in his early 30s, explained.

He and his team founded Happierco in 2017 to help growing firms handle employee engagement and performance difficulties, as well as construct their ideal corporate culture, he told Techpoint Africa, basking in the glory of a run of tech achievements. Bootcamp, a company that helps small businesses create an effective online presence with a website and marketing campaigns, was co-founded by a young software engineer.

According to CrunchbaseAccording to Crunchbase, Sossou was dubbed “African Steve Jobs” by both the most popular TV channel and the most popular news magazine in Francophone Africa.

Sossou is the son of a Cotonois doctor and a shopkeeper. He graduated from the Regional Institute of Industrial Engineering, Biotechnology, and Applied Sciences with a master’s degree in industrial engineering.

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