The Success Journey Into How This South African Went From A Sex Worker To A Jewelry Maker

by Duke Magazine

Nqobile Nkosi, a former sex worker, is now a top jewelry maker in South Africa’s jewelry industry.

He is not only keeping this knowledge to himself, but he is also influencing others with his abilities.

It all started when he applied for a bursary to study electrical engineering, but his application was denied due to a lack of funding options. However, because there was funding available for jewelry manufacturing, he decided to give it a shot.

He developed an interest in jewelry after completing his studies in the field, and he even had the opportunity to further hone his skills in the United Kingdom. When he returned to South Africa, he founded NQ Jewellery with his brother in 2007.

“NQ Jewellery works with emerging SMMEs to educate them on compliance, ensuring that they are in line with the South African Jewellery Council and can obtain their license,” he explained.

A year after founding NQ, he received the Jet Community Awards Vuka Uzenzele, which aided in his career development.

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To improve his skills, he went to the Gemological Institute of America in 2013 to study diamond fundamentals. This was following his invitation to exhibit his jewelry at the Spring Fair International in Birmingham.

Diamond essentials, according to Nkosi, is a program that taught him how to value diamonds and determine which ones are of high quality. It is a comprehensive examination of diamonds. The Refinery hired him to locate his brand at the Jewellery Village.

Nkosi spent time at the Jewellery Village making jewelry and mentoring new jewelry makers. Furthermore, the South African government collaborates with universities to teach and improve students’ skills, particularly those related to the real-world workplace.

“NQ Jewellery is also a part of the graduate development program, which allows university graduates to gain work experience, as I did in the UK. Students must improve their skills because the university environment and the real world are not the same. “They need to improve their skills and learn how to manufacture products,” said the jewelry manufacturer.

Nkosi is ecstatic that by sharing his knowledge and skills, he is giving others a chance to succeed in life.

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