Power Couple: Idris And Sabrina Elba Launch Skincare Line

by Duke Magazine

British and Hollywood actor Idris Elba and his wife Sabrina are launching a genderless skincare line under their S’Able Labs lifestyle brand. S’Able is Elbas spelled.

In an Instagram post, Idris said the new skincare line seeks to provide a selection of “honest, inclusive, and conscious” products for all skin types.

“At S’able Labs, we believe that when you feel good, you look good. That’s why we’re launching our genderless skincare collection, designed with the many benefits of self-care in mind,” the husband and wife duo noted on Instagram.
In an interview with Vogue, the power couple explained that they got the idea for the product after having a conversation at a time they both felt disconnected from their community amid the pandemic.

“It [conversation] opened up the idea of wellbeing and self-care that we hadn’t thought of before—looking at wellness from the outside in, in terms of your community and who’s around you. That’s when it clicked,” said Sabrina.

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“We realized quickly that there was no one doing it in the wellness space that looked like, spoke like, or felt like us—there was no representation for people of color who wanted to be into wellness and fit in,” she said. “Plus everything was gender-focused—I’d have conversations with my husband on products he didn’t think he could use [due to them being aimed at women], but could.”

According to the Evening Standard, the skincare line will feature “formulations containing active and sustainable ingredients which have been responsibly sourced, many of which will come from Africa ‘where the brand hopes to drive positive change in collaboration with its supply chain .”

The skincare line, which will “be affordable but luxury, and address concerns, from hyperpigmentation to inflammation, that so many people face,” is launching this summer, Vogue added.

Idris and Sabrina, who got married in 2019, recently took their love from the bedroom to the photo studio when Idris got behind the cameras and photographed Sabrina for the cover of DuJour magazine.

Sabrina’s astonishing beauty was well captured by her beau for the magazine’s Spring digital cover and she couldn’t be more thrilled for the experience.

“I feel very blessed that I met my soul mate. Who just happens to be Idris Elba,” she told the high fashion magazine.

“This one was beyond special….photographed by my amazing husband. Your endless talent never ceases to amaze me. I love you with all my heart,” she also wrote.

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