Man Crush Monday (MCM): Christian Ngan

by Duke Magazine

Christian Ngan is an influential Cameroonian entrepreneur, financier, and music enthusiast. His interest of business cuts across FMCG, agribusiness, organic cosmetics, and real estate. Born in 1983, Ngan has in earlier years apposition himself on the path of business as his academic pursuit and attainment has been around economics and business management. His resume has then seen him working with investment banking firms before curating his own idea of entrepreneurship.

With the mission of preventing young Africans from dangers of whitening their skins and encouraging natural well-adapted products, Ngan founded Madlyn Cazalis, a cosmetic company in 2012. The company’s main goal is to launch various investment projects in Africa, to raise consciousness, and make Africans proud of their identity by creating quality-African-owned products.

The company designs, manufactures, transports natural beauty products and operates in Central Africa and West Africa with more than 200 distributors (supermarkets, pharmacies and beauty institutes).

As a remarkable entrepreneur, Ngan is quintessence of success for young Africans who need to promote their skills and paint their images great across the world. His entrepreneurial vocal disposition has avail him the honor of speaking at different international business symposia.

Ngan’s brilliance as a young entrepreneur par excellence pitched his works into the Forbes Magazine 30 Most Promising Young Entrepreneur in Africa for 2014 and 2015 consecutively.

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