Five of Africa’s biggest ethnic groups that are spread across Africa

by Duke Magazine

Long days of African colonization did not allow Africaland to systematically mould and achieve a uniformity of people’s history, norm, and values. 

The European dictators, having amassed to themselves the power to break the continent, however determined the fate of Africaland.

Africans were placed on a sojourn of no return as a result of the Berlin Conference which was a confraternity of claiming and sharing Africaland and its people among themselves 135 years ago.

Be it as it may, it is rather noteworthy to infer that the conference was a diplomatic stunt by Germany to revitalize itself as a mighty power and fearless, but consequently apposition Africa and its lives on a down turn of disarray.

Great kingdoms and empires founded by different tribes were haphazardly separated allowing for some groups to be present in more than one country.

This age long separation of common people has been the major root of most tribal crisis. 

Unfortunately, power-drunken African politicians have decided to worsen the state of disunity with them trying to drown themselves in the gulping ocean of power. 

To this end, it is of keen interest to highlight ethnic groups that are found in more than two countries of Africa.


The Zulu tribe can be found in South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Malawi among others. But to the outside world, the Zulu are prominently attributed with South Africa.

There are more than 12 million Zulu in southern Africa. Across the countries in which they are found, the Zulu largely share the conformity of customs and language.


The Tutsi have become known to the world unfortunately as a result of the Rwandan genocide of 25 years ago. But they are a great people who can be found in Rwanda, Burundi, DR Congo and Tanzania.

There are about 5 million Tutsi in central and east Africa.


The Berber can be found in about seven countries across the northern and Sahel regions. These countries include Algeria, Mali, Mauritania, Tunisia and Libya.

Today, the Berber, an autochthonous northern African people, are said to have a population of about 50 million persons.


The largest ethnic group in Africa by population are the Hausa people. Together, there are over 75 million Hausa in Nigeria (their largest base), Sudan, Ghana, Benin, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Togo and some other six countries.

Unsurprisingly, the Hausa language is also one of the widely spoken languages in Africa, apart from English, French and Arabic.


The Ewe are coastal-dwelling people found in three West African countries. These countries are Ghana, Togo and Benin which are shares border with themselves, and the Ewe are about seven million.

Across the countries in which they are, the language spoken by the Ewe comes with uniqueness. There are even more than three Ewe dialects in Ghana alone.

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