Duke Of The Month: Celebrating Black Excellence

by Duke Magazine

Most often than not, Black people are referred to as the global second citizen with some deprivation and bias. However, the resolve of every Black to weather the looming storm and move on has been a module operandi for a greater success. Let it be known that nobody is born supreme to the other, our becoming is what actually defines our life and not birth.

In sequel, Duke International Magazine is in this month of November celebrating amazing persona grata in two spaces of human endeavor. They have not just paid their dues of determination and diligence to assume successful feats, but they know the onions of respective enterprise.

LeBron James

Black Excellence

Popularly called King James, this roaring kid turn king from Akron is a quintessence of excellence. This has nothing to do with academic excellence, but in the world of basketball. His subtle dunk and electrifying energy in the court has parade James as one of the basketball greatest, joining the famous league of Michael Jordan, Abdul-Jabber, and others. King James is a four-time MVP of NBA with two Olympics gold medals.

David Oyelowo 

Black Excellence

This British born of Nigerian descent is a movie power with adroit skills in acting. Popular for starring in “Selma” as Martin Luther King Jr., Oyelowo has done so much for himself with huge contributions to the Hollywood industry. To a man who stays deeply connected to his African root, he is indeed a pride to behold with his astute disposition on the movie set.

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