Brief profile: Runoko Rashidi

by Duke Magazine

Runoko Rashidi is an American historian, writer, author and public lecturer based in both the United States and France. He is the author of the population Introduction to the Study of African Classical Civilizations (1993), and the editor-in-Chief of Unchained African Voices, which is a collection of prose and poetry by Death Row inmates at the California’s San Quentin maximum-security prison. Rashidi is a great writer who earned himself an honorary PhD in divinity from Amen-Ra Theological Seminary (Los Angeles, California). He works in the capacity of the editorial board member on Africology- this is The Journal of Pan African Studies. 

He belongs to an African-minded group called ‘Afrocentric Movement’ that supports the work and arts of people. 

Aside being an adept writer, Rashidi is a teacher who lectures on topics like the ancient Egypt, with his keen belief in an African presence in prehistoric America, Africans in antiquity, and the African presence in Asia and across the globe.

He has authored several books coupling with his editorial expertise. Some of which are; The African Presence in Early Asia (Volumes 1-3); The African Presence in Early Europe (2012); The Black Presence in the East (2013).

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