RED ALERT: Prolonged use of facemask causes hypoxia

by Duke Magazine

A continuous breathing of exhaled air changes to carbon dioxide, and which in turn causes dizziness.

This process causes an intoxication for the user and much more when he is about to move or perform a displacement action. 

This can consequently lead to discomfort, loss of reflexes and consciousness.

The deficiency of oxygen causes the breaking down of glucose and therefore, puts the lactic acidosis rise at a risk.

Driving the car with a mask on is rather considered to be dangerous, this is due to the breathing in of stale air that can make the driver lose consciousness.

The proper use of face mask is only necessary and recommended when someone is very close to you, and it’s safe to remove it at an interval of 10 minutes to feel safe.

It can be described as counterproductive for workers working for about 8 hours to have this mask on for that lengthy time, as they are knowingly/unknowingly getting intoxicated into dizziness. 

Living healthy and stay safe is an important course for all.

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