Rema Makes History with Over a Billion Streams for ‘Calm Down’ in the United States

by Duke

Nigerian sensation Rema has etched his name in the annals of music history, becoming the first African artist to achieve over a billion streams from a single song in the United States. This extraordinary feat was realized by his chart-topping track ‘Calm Down’, which has not only surpassed the billion-stream milestone but has also garnered acclaim, awards, and topped various music charts, solidifying its status as a groundbreaking export from Africa.

Originally featured as a lead single on Rema’s debut album ‘Raves & Roses’, released in March 2022, ‘Calm Down’ soared to unprecedented heights in the competitive American music scene. Its popularity surged even further with a remix featuring Selena Gomez, strategically included in the album’s deluxe edition. This collaboration propelled the song to global stardom, particularly resonating across the United States, where it set numerous records for Afrobeats and African music.

The remix of ‘Calm Down’ achieved a remarkable No. 3 position on the Billboard Hot 100, marking a watershed moment for contemporary African music since Hugh Masekela’s iconic ‘Grazing In The Grass’ in 1968. The track’s enduring popularity was underscored by its impressive 52-week stint on the Billboard Hot 100 and its ascent to the top of the Billboard Pop Airplay Chart, both of which stand as unparalleled achievements for African artists.

The significance of ‘Calm Down’ extends beyond its chart performance, as evidenced by its monumental 4X platinum certification from the RIAA. This accolade not only underscores its commercial success but also its cultural impact and resonance with audiences worldwide. Chart Data’s revelation on June 17, 2024, illuminates Rema’s groundbreaking journey and reaffirms his position as a trailblazer in bridging global audiences through his distinctive blend of Afrobeats and contemporary music sensibilities.

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