Man Crush Monday (MCM): Shola Akinlade

by Duke Magazine

The world is currently living in its fourth phase of industrial revolution, where technology is employed virtually in all endeavors of life. The incorporation of technology to the financial space has birthed streak of success within short space of time. Transaction and purchase can however can be made without breaking a sweat.

To the young Black people, innovation is not eluding them as they tends to Ho their games and smash ceilings for themselves. Shola Akinlade is a Nigerian Entrepreneur and IT expert. He is a co founder of Paystack, one of the leading online payment system in Nigeria. Born in Lagos State, Nigeria, Akinlade attended St. Gregory’s College, from where he obtained his Senior Secondary School Certificate. He proceeded to obtain a degree in computer science from the Babcock University, Ogun State in 2006.

In 2007, Akinlade joined the management trainee team of Heineken, where he specialized in database management.

However, in 2009, he started Klein Devort, a software development and consulting company.

After spending the next five years working on an open source collaboration platform like Dropbox called Precurio, he was inspired to build an online payment system after making mobile apps for some Nigerian banks.

In 2015, Akinlade alongside Ezra Olubi founded Paystack. Paystack was one of the most reliable online payment system in Nigeria.

Over the years, Paystack grew to processing over 15% of online transactions in Nigeria.

But the narrative was incredibly titled to success in October 2020, when one of the the leading online payment system in the World, Stripe, acquired Paystack for $200 million.

With this stellar excellence, Akinlade is estimated to worth over $100 million.

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