Grammy Nominee Cheri Moon To Star In NFT-Funded And First-Ever Film

by Duke Magazine

Cheri Moon is poised to star in Julie Pacino’s “I Live Here Now,” the first-ever non-fungible token or NFT-funded film. According to The Women Journal, the Keepers Of The Inn NFT-art project, which contained over 3,000 pictures taken during the movie’s rehearsals, entirely supported the NFT film.

After learning that she is pregnant, a young actress becomes disillusioned with Hollywood’s contradictory expectations of her body. She flees to the Madonna Inn, where she discovers that the staff is following her every step. According to the official website of the Keeper Of The Inn, she begins to feel that the hotel has a darker interest in her body as it slowly begins to absorb her sanity.

“I Live Here Now” is the first feature film wholly sponsored by Non-Fungible Tokens, as well as the first photographic Internet Protocol to result in a completed film.

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Pacino pledged to support female filmmakers, who still encounter challenges in the industry, with the film and art project. According to The Women Journal, only 12 percent of the 250 highest-grossing films in 2021 were directed by women. Pacino has subsequently announced a short film competition for female filmmakers, in which NFT holders will choose three filmmakers to get a stipend to help fund their projects.

According to her biography, Cheri Moon is a Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter and actress who has had many hits on the UK and World Club Charts with her House Anthems such as One More Crazy Summer, Ships in the Night, House Arrest, and Ain’t I A Woman.

In 2022, she was nominated for a Grammy for her work on 1 Tribe Collective’s All One Tribe Album with the song “We Are All the Same.” She’s also the singer of “Ain’t I A Woman,” a pop song for women’s empowerment that she released on International Woman’s Day.

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