#BreakTheBias: Ashanti Makes History In Technology

by Duke Magazine

According to Complex, musician Ashanti has become the first Black female co-founder of a Web3 company. This came after the R&B singer collaborated with EQ Exchange, a Web3 platform run by women.

The Web3 firm said on Instagram, “EQ Exchange would like to officially welcome [Ashanti] to the family!” “We’re overjoyed to be collaborating with such a powerhouse in the music industry.” Ashanti is the first Black woman to own a music NFT firm. She is a Grammy Award-winning, multi-platinum recording artist. We’re grateful to be on this adventure with her as she continues to lead the charge as the music industry’s future.”

Ashanti remarked in a statement about her involvement with EQ Exchange that she needed to get the point out that artists should own their intellectual property. “By using new technology to empower me, I’m hoping to prevent other women from suffering through what I’ve gone through.” Those who seize it and make it their own will own the future.”

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Janice Taylor, a digital entrepreneur, launched EQ Exchange to use blockchain technology to empower musicians. Ashanti will release unique experiences and NFTs exclusively on EQ Exchange as part of the agreement.

“In the new creator economy, Ashanti is paving the way for the next generation of artists.” “As we work together to alter the game for all artists, particularly women and people of color,” Taylor said, “EQ Exchange could not have asked for a finer partner.”

In 2021, the Chapter II singer said that she was working on a re-recording of her self-titled first album, which will be 20 years old next month. She’s re-recording the album so she can be more in charge of it.

“Ashanti” presently holds the Guinness World Record for the most successful first album by a female artist. In its first week, the album sold 504,593 copies. The album also set a SoundScan record for the most albums sold by a debut female artist in the history of the chart. It went on to become the first album to reach #1 on both the Billboard Top 200 and the R&B album charts.

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