Birthday Shout Out To HRH Keem Adetoro

by Duke Magazine

Birthday is a special day in retrospect to resolve and also celebrate beautiful hearts who have successfully curated their bespoke imprint in the society. Every 7th of August is a day to chant chivalry for a business-personified, Nigerian by birth and United Kingdom by business and socialization. Keem Adetoro is a London business tycoon, who has greatly hoisted the Nigeria flag higher in the diaspora with his business creativity.

Keem Adetoro and his beloved wife, Yeye Banke Adetoro

Keem Adetoro and his wife, Banke, run one of the London’s biggest textile stores “Royal Textile”, which is situated in the heart of the popular Liverpool market. The textile outlet is hugely patronized by people from far and wide across London metropolis.

Keem Adetoro can be described as a metaphor of hard work etched with determination, as he was able to pace through the sojourn of thriving for success unto the attainment of impressive feats. Known for his brilliance in business disposition, the member of the London social circuit is the first to reckon with when it comes to apparels that command beauty and glamour. Black is beautiful no doubt, but black is very enterprising, with Keem Adetoro being the best fit paragon.

CEO of Royal Textile in London

May this day pitches you to peak of good success with an outstanding excellence.

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