Ahmaud Arbery’s murder is getting me fearful for my sons-Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms

by Duke Magazine

The Mayor of Atlanta, Keisha Lance Bottoms has described the gruesome murder of Ahmaud Arbery as a fearful incident that is still gripped her into being worrisome about the safety of her own sons. 

“I really grapple with this as a mother because in my family, the worst has happened,” the mayor told TMZ. “My 18-year-old nephew was murdered in a case of mistaken identity.” She said that the assailants in that case were young Black men, “but it very personally for my family has highlighted that the worst can happen and as African-American young men there’s often a target literally on their heads.

“Sometimes it’s from other African American young men who are struggling with their own issues and sometimes it’s in other forms and faces, but it always concerns me,” she said. 

She is deeply concerned about the target on the backs of young black men.

Bottoms, who has described Arbery’s killing as a “lynching” and has joined the league of the black communities chanting for appropriate justice in the case. 

On a television program last Sunday (May 10) on CNN’s “State of The Union”, she explained the video, in which two Brunswick, Georgian men, Gregory and Travis McMichael were seen trailing, assaulting and fatally shooting the unarmed Arbery, ultimately led to their arrest.

“I think had we not seen that video, I don’t believe that they would be charged,” she said.

The McMichaels, who are charged with felony murder in the case, have reportedly hired separate top-class attorneys to get their defense. Gregory McMichael is represented by Franklin J. and Laura Hogue, according to Macon Telegraph, while WSB-TV reported the hiring of Jason Sheffield and Robert Rubin by Travis McMichael to defend him in jury. 

Meanwhile, Arbery’s mother, Wanda Cooper-Jones, has said that her son’s killers deserve nothing but the capital punishment of death. “Coming from my point of view, my son died, so they should die as well,” she told TMZ on Tuesday (May 12).

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