A Sneak Peek Into The $1 Million Sea Moss Business Of This Man With Obesity History

by Duke Magazine

The United States spends more on healthcare than any other country in the world. However, the country has rising obesity rates. Obesity increases the risk of several deadly diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, and some cancers. Experts even say that having obesity increases the risk of severe illness from COVID-19.

In recent years, obesity has become a public health crisis. For instance, obesity has risen to 35 percent in 16 U.S. states in the last 30 years. What is more, data from the CDC in 2017-18 showed that 42% of Americans were obese and the situation could get worse by 2030 if not checked.

Obesity has been found to disproportionately affect ethnic minorities, particularly Blacks. It is prevalent in Black and African-American children and adults of both sexes compared with whites.

Here is where Jeff Austin comes in. He is the founder of Plant-Based Jeff, one of the fastest-growing Black-owned retailers of plant-based education and sea moss products, Black News reports. His products help combat obesity and improve customers’ general health.

Austin started the company in 2020 and its main products, gold and purple sea moss that are in the form of capsules and gel are sea-derived superfoods that have over 90 minerals and numerous health benefits to the human body, according to Black News.

Starting Plant-Based Jeff was inspired by Austin’s history with obesity. In 2017, Austin was not only sick but overweight and had a toxic mindset. He was on eight different pharmaceutical medications every single day. He changed his lifestyle when he watched the award-winning documentary called What the Health on Netflix.

According to Black News, Austin started with Dr. Sebi’s alkaline vegan diet and it helped him change his mindset. He lost over 70 pounds and eventually got off his eight pharmaceutical drugs. He was no more depressed and anxious like he was before.

His shocking weight loss and healthy-looking appearance surprised his family and friends and eventually inspired him to launch his line of “authentic sea moss products”, as stated by Black News. From the basement of his home, he started making his products and sold them out of his trunk and at local health events in Atlanta.

Austin said his company has grown into an empire. He explained that he partnered with a digital marketing firm called 7th Pro Solutions and within months, his company began generating hundreds of thousands of dollars and has been successful nationwide ever since. He is set to reach $1 million in sales in early 2022.

Aside from being an entrepreneur, Austin is an author, an educator,r and a motivator about the plant-based lifestyle. He has published four books, all on plant-based lifestyles. He has a YouTube channel and is behind the popular 7 Day Sea Moss Detox Challenge.

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