Man Marries Triplets In The Democratic Republic of Congo

by Duke Magazine

A man from the Democratic Republic of the Congo identified simply as Luwizo has tied the knot with triplets in a colorful ceremony. The 32-year-old got married to triplets, Nadege, Natacha, and Nathalie, in the ceremony held last month in Karehe, located in South Kivu, DR Congo.

In an interview with Aframax English, Luwizo said he met one of the triplets, Natalie, via Facebook and they fell in love after chatting for a while. The two then decided to meet in person at Natalie’s house.

During one of his visits to conclude wedding plans was when Luwizo realized that his wife-to-be was a triplet. That day, she met Natalie’s identical sisters, Nadege and Natasha, who would later fall in love with him too.
Luwizo said he fell into a trance and became confused as he had already agreed to marry Nathalie. “But the most surprising to me is that I found out that I can’t marry one of the girls and leave the two of them behind. So, I was obliged to marry all of them.”

Not everyone was happy with his decision, especially his parents, who decided not to attend the wedding.

“You have to lose something to gain another. In addition, one has their preferences and their way of doing things. So I’m happy to marry the triplets no matter what others think,” Luwizo said.

The happy brides also have no qualms marrying the same man. Nathalie said, “Today, we are very happy as you can see, our dreams came true. We thought we would be separated by husbands but God heard our prayers. As Luwizo used to come by, we passed him on to whoever was around amongst us and she received him. He wasn’t able to differentiate us so we all ended up falling in love with him.”

“Even though people consider it impossible for three women to share one husband but to us, sharing things is our life, since our childhood,” she added.

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